How to Protect Doors and Door Frames During a Move?

How to protect doors and door frames during a move? Moving day can be hectic, but taking precautions to protect your doors and door frames can save you from costly repairs later on. Follow these expert tips from Movers Legion to ensure that your doors and door frames remain intact during the move:

How to Protect Doors and Door Frames During a Move?

  1. Use Furniture Blankets or Moving Pads: Wrap furniture blankets or moving pads around large items that may come into contact with doors or door frames during the moving process. Secure the blankets with tape to create a protective barrier.
  2. Install Door Frame Protectors: Invest in door frame protectors or corner guards to shield vulnerable areas from accidental bumps or scratches. These protective covers are typically made of durable materials like foam or rubber and can be easily installed and removed.
  3. Remove Doors Whenever Possible: If feasible, remove doors from their hinges before moving furniture or large items through doorways. This reduces the risk of damaging both the doors and the surrounding door frames. Remember to label each door for easy reinstallation later.
  4. Utilize Moving Straps and Dollies: Use moving straps and dollies to transport heavy furniture and appliances without dragging or scraping against doors and door frames. Securely strap items to the dolly and maneuver them carefully through doorways to minimize impact.
  5. Pad Sharp Edges and Corners: Identify any sharp edges or corners on furniture pieces that could potentially damage doors or door frames. Use extra padding, such as bubble wrap or foam padding, to cushion these areas and prevent accidents.
  6. Clear Pathways and Doorways: Before moving day, clear pathways and doorways of any obstacles or clutter that could impede the moving process. This ensures smoother navigation for movers and reduces the likelihood of accidental damage to doors and door frames.
  7. Hire Professional Movers: Consider hiring professional movers from Movers Legion who are experienced in handling bulky items and navigating tight spaces. They have the expertise and equipment to protect your doors and door frames while efficiently completing the move.


By implementing these expert tips from Movers Legion, you can safeguard your doors and door frames during the moving process and minimize the risk of damage. Taking proactive measures to protect your home ensures a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.


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