How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving?

How to pack hanging clothes for moving? Moving can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to packing your wardrobe. Hanging clothes require special attention to ensure they remain wrinkle-free and organized during transit. In this guide, Movers Legion presents efficient tips for packing hanging clothes when moving.

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving?

1. Use Wardrobe Boxes: Invest in wardrobe boxes, which are specifically designed for transporting hanging clothes. These tall, sturdy boxes come with built-in hanging rods, allowing you to transfer your garments directly from the closet to the box without removing them from their hangers. This minimizes handling and reduces the risk of wrinkles.

2. Group Similar Items Together: Before packing, categorize your hanging clothes by type, such as dresses, shirts, jackets, and pants. Grouping similar items together makes unpacking easier and helps you locate specific pieces upon arrival at your new home.

3. Protect Delicate Garments: For delicate or formal garments, consider using garment bags or plastic dry-cleaning bags to provide an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and moisture. Seal the bags at the bottom to prevent clothes from slipping off the hangers during transport.

4. Bundle Clothing Items: Maximize space and minimize wrinkles by bundling clothing items together. For example, you can group several lightweight tops or blouses and fold them over a hanger before securing them with rubber bands or hair ties. This technique also prevents individual garments from sliding around during transit.

5. Utilize Packing Accessories: Make use of packing accessories such as packing paper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to fill any empty spaces within the wardrobe box and provide additional cushioning for your clothes. This helps maintain their shape and prevents them from shifting during transportation.

6. Label Boxes Clearly: Clearly label each wardrobe box with its contents and the designated room in your new home. This makes it easier for movers to unload boxes directly into the appropriate closets, saving you time and effort during the unpacking process.


Packing hanging clothes for a move doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these efficient tips from Movers Legion, you can ensure your garments arrive at your new home in excellent condition, ready to be hung up and enjoyed. By using wardrobe boxes, grouping similar items, protecting delicate garments, bundling clothing items, utilizing packing accessories, and labeling boxes clearly, you’ll streamline the packing process and make your move a breeze.


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